Fair Play

At CricClash, it is our sincere endeavour to ensure that all our users enjoy this fantasy sports game platform in a seamless manner. To this end, it is extremely crucial, that we offer a Fair Play opportunity to all the users, at all times. Hence, we have laid down some guidelines for us to follow, and for our users to know


You can conveniently download the composition of every team in your league after the deadline in 1-click. Just go to the match under live tab and select the league, you will see a menu icon. Click on this and you will get an option to download and save all teams in that league. This feature allows you to keep track of your competition and never have to worry about any changes in anyone’s team post deadline!


The users participating in a league(s) organized by CricClash have equal opportunities wherein all the users are provided an equal virtual budget with same limits, deadline and are bound to abide by the same Terms & Conditions


CricClash considers genuine and verified users to be a core requirement promoting fair play. Thus, the user details are verified to ensure participation of genuine users. In addition, CricClash uses safe payment transfer modes to ensure user information privacy.We value & uphold that trust in high esteem. The information shared with us is only used for the user verification purposes and is never disclosed to any outside parties.


Open Winner declaration positively influences the transparency factor offered by CricClash to its customers/users. CricClash declares the winners list openly accessible to all users to ensure conduction of a fair decision


CricClash is a skill based platform and is offered in accordance with Indian laws. There are no shortcuts or cheat codes for quick and easy wins. Visit the Legality page on CricClash to know more


User experience and user relationship are another factors considered to be a core requirement. CricClash offers 24x7 customer support to help you resolve your queries, issues, and concerns


Our employees are strictly prohibited from participating in any paid contests on CricClash.


The teams cannot be updated/edited post the deadline of the respective match. This deadline is put in place to ensure continued level playing field for all our users. Deadline for all the cricket matches will be before toss.