Refund & Withdrawals

Withdrawal is only possible from the Winning Amount. If you win a cash league, your winnings will reflect in your CricClash account. Once that happens, you can then withdraw the same in your bank account. However, your CricClash account must be completely verified before you can place a withdrawal request.The amount withdrawn will reflect in your bank account within a period of 7 working days.


Amount once deposited cannot be withdrawn, but at cricclash we provide an option to the user to withdraw the deposited amount with transaction charges
1. If you have deposited amount to cricclash and have not utilized any amount (including deposit bonus), 5% transactions fees will be applicable
2. If you have utilized bonus amount then the same amount will be deducted from your deposits + 10% transaction fees will be applicable on the remaining amount
However you can always utilize 100% bonus and deposits to join leagues, in this case no transaction fees will be applicable